Thought Blast: Processing The ‘Ghost in The Shell’ Trailer

The ‘Ghost in the Shell’ trailer is here, it’s out there and it is for everyone to see. After reading Manny’s piece on it and seeing the trailer for myself, now I have some thoughts. Anime and Live Action have had a mixed history in media, this was going to be polarizing on many levels. It’s nice that now we can all see the trailer and figure out the good and bad of the whole thing. Now if you’ve not seen the trailer yet, I will link it below so you can see. Then stay around, I’ll share my thoughts, you can share yours and we’ll have a chat about it.

Still here? Cool. Time to chat about the ‘Ghost in The Shell’ Trailer!

As you watch the trailer realize one thing, this trailer had to accomplish a lot in a couple minutes. For the fans, it had to establish that this movie was going to be faithful to the anime and the world it established. On another hand entirely, it had to introduce an audience to ‘Ghost in The Shell.’ As many fans that see this, there’s another crowd that only knows Scarlett Johannson and curious about what she’s up to. This is a lot for any trailer to do, it ultimately succeeds on both levels. If you’re a fan, now you know what the world looks like in a live action format, love or hate it, now you know. For the new fan, this works to hit the beats and get them invested in the concept.


If the content lives up to the visuals, we should be in good shape.

For me personally, I did like the trailer and I’m willing to give the movie a chance. The aesthetic of ‘Ghost in The Shell’ is there, there is care put into this film. This movie looks like live action anime and is gorgeous to look at. I remember watching the anime back in the day and this gives me the same vibe the anime did. Unless this trailer and the trailers to come are covering a dumpster fire within, this should work. For the people not as much watching for aesthetic and more knowing what the heck is this about, I’m impressed by how the trailer explains it. Even if people are unsure, there’s a lot of great effects and action to keep people excited as well.

I get the feeling the only thing most people will agree on is the movie looks beautiful, aesthetically speaking.

It looks good so far from at least the surface level. It’s done well at introducing people to the story, so we’re on the right track. This is totally my opinion here, this is just me blasting out thoughts into the universe. I want to know what you all think out there in Internet land. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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