John Cena Butt Chugs Some Beer in This ‘Blockers’ Trailer

First of all, the trailer for Blockers, a new comedy starring Leslie Mann, John Cena, and the great Ike Barinholtz, looks funny. It’s all about parents trying to prevent their teenage daughters from having sex, which would be especially funny perhaps in another time. Or at least another week.

Not that everything is interconnected – nor should it be – it’s just difficult to keep thoughts of the Harvey Weinstein scandal at bay, especially when Barinholtz’s character says his dad was “too busy high-fiving” him when he had teen sex.

Anyway, see for yourself, and be careful this one is definitely NSFW:


Funny for sure. And I love the three leads here. But it seems like Universal could have just held off on this trailer for a week or two until this whole Hollywood sex predator deal subsides.

Blockers opens April 6, 2018. Plenty of time to release this trailer, ya know, some other time.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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