The Wesvolution #1: Yes Internet, It’s Academy Award Winner ‘Suicide Squad’

Yes Internet, Suicide Squad won an Academy Award for Best Hair and Makeup. I think it is a deserving win as a lot of work went into Suicide Squad. Congratulations to that team as they did a great job. For some people having to say that Suicide Squad won an Oscar blows their minds. In reading the responses to the win I saw about every reaction you could imagine. The ones who hated Suicide Squad let their flag fly last night in multiple ways. On the other hand the people who were happy about were vocal too. Then there were those who expected this mixed reaction like myself. So what prompts such strong reactions either good or bad? It’s easy and not easy to explain at the same time, so on with the show.

Yes I am pulling a Yes Virginia with Suicide Squad. Roll with it.

Now in my personal opinion, I like Suicide Squad. It’s not a perfect film, it’s a messy movie but at the end of the day I enjoyed the movie. The thing I’ve learned with this movie is the people who hate it, really hate it. Heck it popped up in I Hate Everything’s Search for the Worst series on YouTube. I like to keep informed and I kept up with the reactions good or bad with Suicide Squad. The Oscars surged up those feelings of rage once more for this movie. As I noted in the first paragraph here, I expected some legitimate rage if Suicide Squad won. The reactions to this lived up to all my expectations and more.

Even though Suicide Squad won an Oscar for Best Hair and Makeup, it still sets people off. It’s all in the land of having to hear that this movie is an Academy Award Winner and let the boiling rage begin. As everyone has already been saying, “It only won for Best Hair and Makeup” but that the fact remains, yes it won an Oscar. If you like or have no real opinion on it in general, then like me you’re cool with the whole thing. For those that hate the movie, an Oscar win brings up how much they disliked that film the first time around. Now the film that left fans divided won an Oscar and that’s made our pop culture universe that much weirder.


Suicide Squad: It won an Oscar and that’s okay.

Now I am curious as for our first edition of the Wesvolution, what do you all think of the Oscar win? You can even share your opinion love or hate of the Suicide Squad here. I’m open to any conversation for this one. Leave a comment below and let your voice be heard. I’m happy to talk with you no matter how the conversation flows.

Until our next time we meet in the Monkeys Fighting Robots Universe, thanks for reading. Until next time, the Wesvolution will not be televised.



Wesley Messer
Wesley Messer
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