The Purge: Election Year Trailer Is A Secret Documentary

The trailer for the third installment in The Purge franchise dropped today and we’re gifted with a deliciously relevant title: The Purge: Election Year.


From the looks of it, we see the return of Frank Grillo (a universal “Huzzah!” should be heard here) who now seems to be running security for a political candidate in the form of Elizabeth Mitchell (my own personal Lost crush) who wants to do away with the grotesque and annual Purging. The footage shown seems to be the best of both worlds from the first and second films in that we get a home invasion set on a grand scale, along with more of this so-absurd-it-could-be-us universe.


The creative team behind Election Year knows exactly what they’re doing and seem to have tailor-fitted their story perfectly for the times our real-life USA is experiencing. What happens when change is necessary but the best candidates for the job aren’t allowed to enact what is right? What happens when the system seems to work but is costing human lives and souls? What happens when two ideologies with money and reason and willpower behind them come to meet each other on the road toward annihilation? What happens when Donald Trump is allowed to run this country for four years?

Mothereffing Frank Grillo seems to be the answer The Purge: Election Year purports and I’m oh, so down. Sorry, Independence Day: Resurgence, this is where I’ll be placing my money first when it comes time for our nation’s birthday.

Curtis Waugh
Curtis Waugh
Curtis is a Los Angeles transplant from a long lost land called Ohio. He aspires to transmute his experiences growing up a Monster Kid into something that will horrify normal people around the world. When he isn't bemoaning the loss of the latest Guillermo del Toro project, Curtis can be found every Thursday night at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard, awaiting the next Dwayne Johnson movie.