Review: You will want to forget The Overnight

I can tell you that I don’t miss dating one bit. It seemed like for every good date that you might have there was always about four bad ones you would have to endure. I think that the worst date experience that I ever had was when I went out on first date with a girl and within the first 30 minutes of the date she brought up the subject of being married and having kids. From that moment on our date became this hour and 2o minutes of clunky/awkwardness in which she insisted as we were leaving that this was connection that she has been waiting for. This experience sprung directly into my mind the moment I finished watching The Overnight.I screened this movie that had all the promise of being this wonderful comedic experience but in the end was simply just a clunky/awkward experience that I would soon forget.

In this movie, Alex (Adam Scott) and his family are new to Los Angeles. A chance meeting between his family and the mysterious Kurt (Jason Schwartzman) leads them to schedule a family get together. As the night goes on Alex’s wife (Taylor Schilling) continues to warn Alex that this night is getting very strange. The night together turns very quickly into an adult version of a “playdate” if you catch my drift.

The Overnight is just another example of a movie that simply just tries too hard. From beginning to end you can just sense that they are trying to create these shock filled moments that would induce laughter but I found myself shaking my head in confusion. Don’t get me wrong, this movie did shock me at times especially during Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott’s nude scene in the pool. I’m all for a movie that’s different and edgy but this movie struck me as a big old bag of blah. The one hour and 20 minutes felt like it was four hours and 20 minutes which is never a good sign. At times in this movie I wanted to find the nearest wall and bang my head into it as to induce a concussion so I would not have any memory of this time that I will never get back in my life.

So why invest your time watching a movie that will just leave you feeling irritated? We are in the best time of year for checking out the latest and greatest at the cinema. Life is too short to waste your time with things that feel both clunky and awkward that you will want to forget.

It was at this moment when Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott filmed this scene with Jason Schwartzman that they should have just quit the film.
It was at this moment when Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott filmed this scene with Jason Schwartzman that they should have just quit the movie.
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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