Is The Bendu Lurking In The Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser?

The day has finally come. Director Rian Johnson unleashed the first teaser for December 15th’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And while revealing some startling new images, ship designs and one epic moment of Force training, it also offered a few images that may echo or directly reference Star Wars animated series,  games and even the Expanded Universe. All of this is wild speculation, of course, but let’s take a look:

1. “The Balance”

The Balance of the Force tantalized fans from the moment the phrase became a rumored Episode I title. And though it is still unclear what that concept alluded to in the prequel trilogy actually meant, invoking it in the teaser means the Balance still matters. The teaser reintroduces this concept by adding it to the litany of the Light and the Darkness. It also follows this strange image:

The Bendu?


While it’s impossible to guess the scale of this image, the textures and design are indicative of the Bendu. The character was introduced on Star Wars Rebels this past season and claimed to represent a balance between light and dark. When viewers last saw him, he was injured, but vanished before Admiral Thrawn could kill him. Will he somehow offer a third path to Rey away from the absolutes?

2. The Jedi Order

And while we’re speculating on an obscure image, let’s talk about one more direct. As Rey mentions the Balance, we clearly see the logo of the Jedi Order for the first time in a Star Wars film. It first appeared in the Expanded Universe era and adopted by the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. It was quickly embraced by fans. Wander a comic-con parking lot and you’ll see it on the back of numerous cars and trucks.

The Jedi Order logo

But it is curious that this image appears, presumably, on a planet The Force Awakens claims is the ancient home of the Jedi. In The Old Republic, that planet is called Tython. Said to be in the Deep Core, it has a much larger landmass than the ocean world Rey saw in her visions. According to The Force Awakens junior novelization, this ocean world is called Ahch-To. Of course, no name is set in stone until it is uttered in a film, so Ahch-To and Tython could be the same world. Even if it’s light years away from the Deep Core.

3. The New Jedi Order

The New Jedi Order in flames?

J.J. Abrams made visual flashbacks part of Star Wars‘ movie grammar. With that in mind, this shot could be what Luke was seeing in Rey’s vision of him during The Force Awakens. If so, it is a rather dramatic conclusion to the New Jedi Order. One wonders if Kyle Katarn’s body is in the flaming wreckage.

Many of the EU novels and games focused on Luke’s attempts to reestablish the Jedi. From The Force Awakens, we know Luke tried to do the same in cannon. And from his ominous words at the end of the teaser, it seems he wants nothing more to do with the Jedi, old or new.

Will Rey walk him back from that stance? Or will Balance finally be achieved with both the Sith and the Jedi completely destroyed? Will Rey have to find a way to negotiate the Ashla and the Bogan without thousands of years of Jedi wisdom? What do you think? Post your thoughts below.

Erik Amaya
Erik Amaya
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