‘The Conjuring 2’s The Crooked Man is Getting The Spinoff You All Wanted

The Conjuring has not only been its own two-film franchise, but it is apparently a goldmine for horror spinoffs. The original has two movies about the Annabelle doll, and The Conjuring 2 already greenlit a spinoff involving the super creepy evil nun. And now, because literally nobody asked for it, we are getting a film about The Crooked Man.

When I first read the news, it took me a minute to remember not only The Conjuring 2, but the fact that the main bad dude in it was a Crooked Man. I can’t recall many details from the sequel.

The report in Variety also had an interesting definition of these useless tangential Conjuring movies. Bask in the glory of this zeitgeist phrasing:

Mike Van Waes has been hired to write “The Crooked Man,” based on a story by James Wan in his role as chief architect of what’s now called The Conjuring Universe. Wan and Peter Safran are producing.

Ah, there’s the answer. A Conjuringverse. Everything has to be a universe these days, and James Wan’s franchise is next in line, apparently.

There is no release date for The Crooked Man, but if I had to guess I would pick three possible months: January, September, or October.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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