“The Amazing Spider-Man” Viral Campaign Ramps Up

The viral marketing campaign for this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man film has kicked off, starting first with the markofthespider-man.com website, and today with the backpack of Peter Parker’s that the MTV News blog “Splash Page” reported receiving.

Among the items in that backpack were a page of The Daily Bugle.  On this page of the fictional newspaper was a letter bearing a hidden message that the fine folks at MTV News overlooked:  the first letter of each line in that letter spells out “SLASHPREPRARE.”

Here’s where things get cryptic:  If you go to markofthespider-man.com/prepare, you get a diagram that is most likely some sort of secret code related to the main Mark of the Spider-Man homepage.


We here at the Chicago Comic Vault have yet to figure it out. Can you?



From splashpage.mtv.com



UPDATE (8:00 PM): 

As commenter ObFuSc8 points out below, the mystery has, in fact, been solved by other recipients of the Peter Parker backpacks:

Sorry guys, but you are a step behind.

The markofthespider-man.com/prepare site was already uncovered on FRI 2/10/2012.

On 2/10 the official MOTS twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/markofspiderman) had tweeted coordinates in 5 different cities where lucky hunters found Peter’s backpack (same as those received by media outlets).

Clicking the video screens (on the main MOTS site) in the sequence indicated by the “code” on the /prepare site revealed a countdown in six cities, all of which hit zero this morning.

The next phase began this morning. There were 5 drops per city tweeted throughout the day, one at a time for each city. Lucky hunters today found another bag with a cell phone, 2 sweatshirts and a note.

After all 5 drops had been claimed in all 6 cities, the MOTS site updated with the message: “All operatives have been selected and are standing by for further communication. Stay vigilant, we will be in touch over the next couple of days.”

Calls have already started coming in to those with cell phones stating something will happen tomorrow.

Thanks for the clarification, ObFuSc8!

Roger Riddell
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