Tatum’s “Gambit” Now Slated for Valentine’s Day 2019 Premiere Date

We’re still not sure who asked for the Gambit movie starring Channing Tatum.  But whoever it is will not let this project die.  After multiple stops and starts, 20th Century Fox insists that the film will release on Valentine’s Day of 2019, according to Deadline.com.

The project has been in the news for so long that it seems more people have signed off than signed on. However, Tatum remains connected to Gambit as both producer and star.  Originally slated to begin filming in early 2016, the release date was pushed back several times.  If it gets pushed back any further, we recommend the title be changed to Old Man Gambit instead.

Gambit Shares the love with…Deadpool?

A Valentine’s Day release is an interesting one.  Most superhero films are summer tentpoles or Christmas family hits.  To date, Deadpool is only other superhero film premiereing on Valentine’s Day–in which case the date was part of their marketing plan.  Deadpool versus GambitWill Gambit follow in Deadpool’s footsteps?  It seems unlikely but with so many setbacks anything is possible.


Some fans object to Tatum’s casting, as it places another white dude in the starring role of a superhero film. In the past, Tatum has proved himself not only a talented actor, but an ally to marginalized groups. So why grab the title role for himself? Tatum’s most recent role in Kingsmen shows his penchant for flawed but likable characters. This talent certainly makes him a decent candidate to play Gambit. But it also makes him a great candidate to act as mentor to a new face, ushering in some new talent instead.

Based on Marvel’s X-Men characters, Gambit is produced by 20th Century Fox.  Producers include Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, Simon Kinberg and Lauren Shuler Donner. Gambit is directed by Gore Verbinski with a script by Josh Zetumer. The film stars Tatum (Gambit) and Lea Seydoux (Belladonna Boudreaux)

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