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Using One’s Resources For Good In FIREFLY #16

Firefly #16 is about to bring Mal's ploy back down to earth, and hard, in a way that only this series can manage.

Longbox Legends: ASTONISHING X-MEN & Looking Back to Reach Forward

lThe story of the X-Men in comics is the medium's equivalent of common biblical knowledge. Even casual non-comics fans are familiar with the trails...

The Plot Thickens in FIREFLY #15

Firefly #15 continues this surprising string of events, letting Sheriff Mal Reynolds deal with the dangers that come with patrolling his sector.

The Aftermath of War in FIREFLY #14

Firefly #14 is a unique read set in a world that fans have come to love. The emotional toll may be high in this issue, but so is the intrigue.

Schemes and Shenanigans Galore in FIREFLY #13

Firefly #13 is the most surprising issue of the series, with Mal seeing a major change in his carrier. Fans can’t help but wonder what the con is.


Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds pits mother against son, with Mal being forced to make some utterly shocking decisions in his journey.

The End of Another War in FIREFLY #12

Firefly #12 brings Mal's most recent war to an end, in ways that will surprise some fans, but make many others cheer.

FIREFLY #11, AKA Don’t Mess With Mrs. Reynolds

Firefly #11 was a fast-paced issue, full of character interactions and surprises. It's an emotional issue, all around.

[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] ANGEL’s Bryan Edward Hill Talks Real Ghosts, Twitter, and the Nature of Evil

Shortly after the new Buffy the Vampire series landed at Boom! Studios, fans were thrilled to learn that audience-favorite and series spinoff Angel was...