Firefly #14 is full of creative twists and turns, and some truly breathtaking artwork. Together they’ve created a memorable issue for the readers.

The Aftermath of War in FIREFLY #14

FIREFLY #14, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios continues this surprising twist of events for Malcolm and his allies. This is perhaps the strangest plot yet, but there’s no doubt that the crew of Serenity has a plan for what is to come.

A colorful sunset with careful foreshadowing for Firefly #14.


Joss Whedon’s beloved series, Firefly, has made several successful comic series over the years. But this latest run is proving to be one of the more unique ones available, which is saying something. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that this is a plot that fans could never have expected – or predicted.

Thanks to a strange series of events, Mal has found himself on the opposite side of the law. And now, we don’t mean that he’s behind bars. It’s more accurate to say that he is the law. At least, on one small moon. Though for how long that will last will be anyone’s guess.

Mal’s new ally is looking dramatic on this variant cover of Firefly #14.

The Plot

Firefly #14 brings us once again to the universe of Firefly, and thus to the characters we’ve come to love so much. Though it is highly unlikely that any fan could have predicted the situation that Malcolm Reynolds is currently in.

Greg Pak has certainly managed to surprise the fans again and again. Though in many ways, this issue felt more like we were coming back around to core plots and values of the series itself. It had a more somber tone to it, especially in regards to Zoe’s plot. That very much rang true to elements we’ve seen already.

The series is setting up for something, though it’s currently hard to tell what that will be. On the one hand, we can see Zoe establishing a connection to others (with heartbreaking implications if we’re to assume this is set before Serenity).

On the other hand, we have Mal’s escapade, which feels like is coming to an end. Or perhaps that is just what they want us to think? It’s tough to be certain. While we don’t see the position lasting long for Mal, we’ve got to admit that there are certain elements that fit firmly with his beliefs and stubbornness. It’s nice seeing that side of him highlighted here.

Moon takes center stage on this variant cover…and it’s mildly concerning.

The Art

Firefly #14 boasts some of the best artwork in recent times. The artistic team really ran away with some of the scenes, portraying the core themes of the series in such an emotional and heartrending manner. These are the sort of scenes that really strike home.

The art style was changed for this issue, but arguably for the better. All of the characters still read as being clearly influenced by their actor counterparts – but at the same time, it feels like they’ve been liberated. The artists portrayed the world and characters how they wanted. Or at any rate, that was how it felt while reading this issue.

Lalit Kumar Sharma was the lead artist, with Francesco Segala providing the colors, and Jim Campbell doing the lettering. Together they created an issue full of dynamic artwork. The expressions during specific scenes and the overall color palette are absolutely stunning and are a combination we hope to see again.

Firefly #14 features a stunning new art style.

In Conclusion

Firefly #14 was an unexpected and entertaining read. One that combines the surprising elements with plots that bring the series back to its roots. The combination is shockingly effective while leaving us curious about what will happen next.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Firefly #14 is full of creative twists and turns, and some truly breathtaking artwork. Together they’ve created a memorable issue for the readers.The Aftermath of War in FIREFLY #14