Firefly #13 is an issue full of shocking twists and stunning artwork, showing a happy medium between television and comic series.

Schemes and Shenanigans Galore in FIREFLY #13

FIREFLY #13, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios continues the surprising turn of events regarding Mal’s status. Fans can only assume that Mal is up to something, as that is a perpetual state for him.

All of the Serenity crew are keeping busy on this cover of Firefly #13.


Firefly #13 directly follows the events in Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds. So if you haven’t read that issue, you should probably make a point of it. In that issue, Mal was sent after his mother in what had to be the strangest turn of events in Firefly history.

While this may be a strange series of events, as least fans can be happy knowing that Joss Whedon’s world lives on here. All of our beloved characters are present, though sometimes one has to wonder how it’ll all lead to Serenity.

Mal is looking swanky on this alternate cover for Firefly #13.

The Plot

Firefly #13 is perhaps the most surprising issue in the series thus far. Given the events leading up to it, that probably makes a fair bit of sense. It’s simply hard to wrap our heads around the concept of Mal working on the right side of the law for a chance.

That makes us wonder what the catch is. Knowing Mal, this is some sort of long con. Because really, how could it possibly be anything but that? We’ve got to give Greg Pak credit for creating a plot that has left us both confused and curious.

One thing is certain, this is an issue full of chaos and drama. The outer worlds and moons have always been at risk of being taken advantage of. A fact that Mal is well aware of. It’s refreshing to see this fact get addressed so openly, and with so much change being made in response to their actions. That’s got to feel good.

While you probably don’t need to have read Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds to appreciate most of this issue, the ending will be easier to appreciate if you have. The implication is much stronger if you know what his mother is capable of.

Surprised by what this image implies? Be sure to check out the past few issues of Firefly to get a better understanding.

The Art

Firefly #13 features some heavily stylized and dramatic artwork. It fits the desolated feeling of the moons perfectly. And thus sets the tone for this issue. The colors are rich and vibrant, while also showing a strong understanding of shading. It gives the impression of the colors fading away, and if that isn’t an accurate description for the outer worlds, then we don’t know what is.

Lalit Kumar Sharma was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Francesco Segala for the colors and Jim Campbell for letters. Together they brought us a fascinating example of how a series can be adapted to comics. All while still being free to make their own spin on things.

And so it begins, with somebody taking advantage of their powers in Firefly #13.

In Conclusion

Firefly #13 was not at all what we were expecting to come from this plot. But it has gone a long way in explaining what has happened. And even brought us around on a few parts of it. Only time will tell what the con and backlash will be. Because with this series, you know there’s going to be one.

Cat Wyatt
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Firefly #13 is an issue full of shocking twists and stunning artwork, showing a happy medium between television and comic series.Schemes and Shenanigans Galore in FIREFLY #13