Firefly #11 brings us some beautiful artwork alongside a shocking twist or two.

FIREFLY #11, AKA Don’t Mess With Mrs. Reynolds

FIREFLY #11, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios is a good reminder for why you’d best think twice before messing with certain mothers. Fans of Firefly will be curious to see just what Mrs. Reynolds has to bring to the table.

Inara is looking striking as ever on this cover for Firefly #11.


The latest series set in the Firefly universe has been setting up for something major for quite some time now. And it seems like it’s all about to come to a head. In the last issue, we had a major surprise thrown our way, in the form of a new ally arriving on the field. Only, her arrival actually makes things even more complicated than ever.

While this tale wasn’t written by Joss Whedon, it is still set in the world that he created. And it’s keeping it alive, no matter what it takes. And that means throwing some crazy or surprising plots at us, from time to time.

That being said, there is a finite amount of time that these stories can fit into. And we must be starting to run low. So we’re just going to go ahead and appreciate as much as we can. And that’s easier to do without getting too particular about timelines.

The ladies of the Serenity crew are looking fierce on this alternate cover.

Firefly #11 was an issue full of surprises, betrayals, and political maneuvering. The entire Firefly crew have been pulled into a confrontation that Mal and Zoe had hoped never to see again. And things are about to get messy.

Greg Pak has written us an interesting tale up to now. It seems like Mal (and the crew) have been thrown from one mess to another, but in truth, it was all leading up to this moment. Or rather, this series of moments.

Even knowing that they’re all going to walk away from this doesn’t help to ease the tension much. Though it is making us question how it’s all going to get resolved, considering how bad things are looking.

The latest twist is a strange one. In a way, it sort of fits with Mal’s character. But in other ways, it’s left us with even more questions and concerns than ever. And perhaps a few raised eyebrows. But only time will tell how it all plays out.

This striking alternate cover of Firefly #11 features the one and only River.

Firefly #11 had some beautiful artwork to support this hectic issue. The backdrops were stunning – starry skies and romantic backdrops for what is looking to be a bloody setup. That should make for a jarring setting, but it fits.

The fire and battle scenes were likewise fascinating to look at, though there’s likely to be a whole lot more of that in the following issue or two. And finally, the facial expressions helped bring this issue a few steps further, reminding us of all the characters we fell in love with during the TV run.

Dan McDaid and Vincenzo Federici were responsible for the pencils and inks for this issue, while Marcelo Costa did the coloring. And finally, Jim Campbell did an excellent job with the lettering (as always).

Zoe and Wash are looking adorable on this sweet alternate cover of Firefly #11.

Firefly #11 was a bit of a strange issue, all things considered. But it’s holding our attention, and leaving us curious to see how everything unfolds. Considering all of the difficulties any series with constrained timelines must face, they’ve done a decent job of things.

The real question is, will the crew be thrown into another crisis, once they’re free of this whole mess? Or will they get a breather for once? Oh, who are we kidding? The Firefly crew never seems to catch a break.

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Firefly #11 brings us some beautiful artwork alongside a shocking twist or two.FIREFLY #11, AKA Don't Mess With Mrs. Reynolds