Firefly #15 is a unique reading experience, one that contains interesting subplots and striking artwork.

The Plot Thickens in FIREFLY #15

FIREFLY #15, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios is a dramatic continuation to Mal’s latest grand scheme – one that fans probably never expected to see in this franchise. This is an issue full of twists and surprises, and then some.

Mal is looking mighty proper on the cover of FIREFLY #15.


The beloved series created by Joss Whedon has really taken several surprising turns over the last several months. Firefly (in comic book form) has changed the status of many characters, but none more than Malcolm Reynolds.

Admittedly, the changes he’s been facing are ones that fans would never have guessed or expected – and that is no exaggeration. Who would ever imagine seeing Mal on the other side of the law? Certainly not us.

On the right side, that means that this entire plot has become unpredictable, forcing fans to step away from all of their assumptions and expectations. There’s something oddly refreshing about that fact.

Aww, Kaylee has a new boyfriend, and they look so happy together on this variant cover of FIREFLY #15.

The Writing

Sheriff Mal Reynolds (man are those three words we never expected to say together) has been dealing with several surprising cases as of late. By cases, we, of course, mean lots of crime and murder. You know, the usual. At least, the usual for a small moon. And Firefly #15 is going to continue that trend.

That has resulted in some surprising elements and changes in this series thus far. Mal has become isolated from his crew – which in itself is fairly strange. And that is only the beginning. Fans that have been following the series know exactly what we’re talking about there.

One thing is certain, Greg Pak has done an excellent job of keeping us on our toes. This may not be the crew as we remember them, or the story we expected. But it has been an interesting journey. It leaves us wondering if this is the path the series would have taken, if not for a cancellation. Who knows.

The increase in focus on the Blue Sun has been an excellent choice. This is a dark and dangerous world (well, universe), but it also needs a few named big bads in order to add weight to the tension, and it looks like Blue Sun is exactly what this series needed. Especially since they’re toeing the line, neither being good nor horrible (well, mostly).

That’s one shiny badge, Sheriff Reynolds.

The Art

The artwork behind Firefly #15 is truly remarkable. There’s no doubt that it’s a highlight, as they show the variety of tones and styles a series such as this calls for. There’s dramatic highs and precarious lows, all while showing the gritty nature of death and fighting for one’s life.

Lalit Kumar Sharma was the lead artist, and they provided us some seriously intense scenes. That in itself isn’t surprising – Mal is the sort of character that will always find himself in a mess. It’s the way those scenes are portrayed that really hit home, and it’s all thanks to Sharma.

Francesco Segala was the colorist for this issue, and their colors really drive home all of the points being made, while setting the tone. It’s somber at times, and other times lushly defined. There’s so much depth, even in the simple backdrops, and especially in the brighter elements.

Finally, Jim Campbell was the letterer, and you can see how carefully they worked on this issue. The sound effects lead us from one panel to the next. As does each and every conversation, for that matter. It all tells a comprehensive story.

The creative team behind such an unpredictable series of events.

In Conclusion

Firefly #15 was a surprisingly compelling issue, one that has taken our characters so far outside of the realm of what we’ve expected. Yet there’s something to say about that, as we see new sides of beloved characters, and new circumstances for them to deal with.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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The Plot Thickens in FIREFLY #15Firefly #15 is a unique reading experience, one that contains interesting subplots and striking artwork.