Firefly #16 brings with it creative plots, fun character development, and vibrant artwork worth looking at.

Using One’s Resources For Good In FIREFLY #16

FIREFLY #16, out this Wednesday from Boom! Studios continues Mal’s crazy scheme, showing what good a man like him can do when he actually has access to resources. However, in this universe, nothing is ever that easy for Malcolm Reynolds.

Heavy times are in store for the crew in Firefly #16.


The famous series that Joss Whedon created continues in comic book form, telling us more about the characters we love – and all of the crazy adventures they’re getting up to. These days, the crew is facing an entirely different set of circumstances.

You see, through a strange series of events, Malcolm Reynolds has gone legit. Well, mostly. This is Mal we’re talking about. Yes, it is every bit as strange as it sounds, and it will almost certainly come crumbling down on Mal’s head (along with the rest of the crew).

Firefly #16 features a fan favorite from the crew.

The Writing

Greg Pak has turned Firefly back into a series that cannot be predicted. Other than assuming that Mal is going to run into trouble of course, that part is simply inevitable. Firefly #16 proves how fans can still be surprised, even when Mal has taken a whole new path in life.

Don’t worry, plenty of our beloved characters have stayed the same, despite these changes. In fact, this issue did an excellent job of proving exactly that (you can probably even take a guess at which character once again showed their true colors here).

This plot has been a bit confusing for some fans, what with the changes already discussed. And yet there was something so incredibly satisfying about this issue. Probably because, even though he’s in a new job, Mal is still poking at the top dogs. He just can’t leave it alone, especially when people are suffering.

The fact that he was able to use his resources to do so only made that all the more satisfying. Yet there’s no denying the danger on the horizon. A threat we’ve been waiting for, as something was bound to happen. In a way, that too is quite satisfying to see come full circle.

Firefly #16: New Sheriff in the ‘Verse.

The Art

Firefly #16 was bold and stylized, presenting the characters we love, but being unafraid to take a few risks here and there. That being said, there are absolutely certain scenes and images that stole the show. Such as the dramatic scene involving Kalee, or just how smug Mal manages to look in this issue.

Ramon Bachs was the lead artist for this issue, so give them all the credit for the expressions, especially those on Mal’s face. The scenes bounce from mundane to dramatic at a moment’s notice, showing an understanding in holding our interest.

Likewise, the colors, provided by Joana Lafuente, are intense and bright. Brighter than they would have been in the TV series, yet that feels perfectly natural here. The inclusion of vibrant reds and golds feels like a throwback at times. Then there are those lovely backgrounds, which cannot be ignored.

Finally, there’s Jim Campbell, who provided the lettering. Once again he went for a more understated look, but that’s exactly what this series needed. After all, the issue needed to focus on the looming threat, something Campbell made certain of.

Looks like Jayne was ready for a fight in Firefly #16.


Firefly #16 may be bringing us a crew that has changed dramatically from the time of the television series, and yet it still feels familiar at the same time. Little details like Mal’s smug face or his tendency to get into trouble remind us of all the reasons why we loved the series, to begin with.

Yet this series is somehow still finding ways to surprise us, courtesy of all the dramatic changes they’ve been facing in recent months. Who’s to say how long this new bit of luck will hold.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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Using One's Resources For Good In FIREFLY #16Firefly #16 brings with it creative plots, fun character development, and vibrant artwork worth looking at.