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It All Comes Full Circle in LUMBERJANES END OF SUMMER #1

Lumberjanes End of Summer #1 concludes a beloved series, but it does so in the Lumberjanes way. That is to say, it's full of chaos.

Review: JULIET TAKES A BREATH Is Different & Beautiful

JULIET TAKES A BREATH, out now from Boom! Studios’ imprint, Boom! Box, is the graphic novel adaption of the novel by writer Gabby Rivera. With...

Review: MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED #4 – Introducing A New Version of Zero

Mega Man: Fully Charged #4, out now from BOOM! Studios, is a fast-paced issue full of important moments and events that will make your...

Wash’s Tale Unfolds in FIREFLY: WATCH HOW I SOAR

Firefly: Watch How I Soar brings the one and only Wash, pilot of Serenity, to the forefront with five short stories.

Review: DUNE HOUSE ATREIDES #2 Settles Into Its Style and Starts To Gather Speed

With a host of characters and expanding plots, Dune House Atreides #2 is a satisfying read and it’s beginning to feel a lot more like Dune.

Review: ANGEL+SPIKE #16 Rushes Headlong To A Conclusion

Angel+Spike #16 has some outstanding scenes, the interplay between all of the comics elements create an atmospheric and complex narrative


Available this week, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #5 brings the limited series to an end. Writer Mariko Tamaki and illustrator Natacha Bustos end...

How A New Player Enters the Fray in ONCE & FUTURE #13

Once & Future #13 is a breath of fresh air, as the calm before the storm hits, and new enemies come to the surface.

Chaos and Order Battle in LUMBERJANES #75

Lumberjanes #75 prepares for the finale, as this supersized issue brings beloved campers and characters together for one final event.

Review: POWER RANGERS #1 Brings The Omega Rangers Home

Power Rangers #1 out this week from Boom Studios brings the other side of the new direction for comics. While Mighty Morphin focuses on...

RED MOTHER VOLUME 1: Beware, You Will Become Emotionally Invested

Red Mother Volume 1 from Boom! Studios is out now, by writer Jeremy Haun, illustrator Danny Luckert, and letterer Ed Dukeshire. In it, a...

The Vessel Is Being Readied In RED MOTHER #10

Red Mother #10 continues the dark spiral that has become Daisy's life, as something unknown, and monstrous has plans for her.

ORIGINS #1 Focuses Too Much On Plot To Create Any Real Connection

Origins #1, out this week from Boom! Studios is a "biopunk sci-fi tale that explores what happens to our planet in a post-human world,...

BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER #18 – Something Wicked Is In Those Symbols

Available now from Boom! Studios, Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18, continues the Ring of Fire arc with delicious intrigue and twists. Writers Jordie Bellaire...

Review: MIGHTY MORPHIN #1 Is A Great Starting Point

Mighty Morphin #1 out this week from Boom! Studios is a fantastic addition to the Power Rangers franchise. The book is brought to life...

The Big Finale in WICKED THINGS #6

Wicked Things #6 concludes this miniseries, as Lottie's adventures (and misadventures) come to a dramatic end.

BOOM! Studios Exclusive Preview: MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED #4

MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED #4 hits your local comic book store November 25th, but thanks to BOOM! Studios, Monkeys Fighting Robots has an exclusive...

Review: MEGA MAN: FULLY CHARGED #3 – Inner Conflicts and a Shocking Ending

Mega Man: Fully Charged #3, out now from BOOM! Studios is an engaging, action-packed, and beautifully drawn issue that ends, leaving you deeply wanting...

Review: WYND #5 Takes Flight

WYND #5, available from BOOM! Studios on October 28th wraps up the current storyline with a fatal confrontation between Wynd and the Bandaged Man....


Available now, writer Mariko Tamaki and illustrator Natacha Bustos begin to unravel their magical web in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow #4. Featuring colors...