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Review: Prophecy Is Challenged In PROTECTOR #4

PROTECTOR #4, available from Image Comics on July 1st, follows Mari and her escorts on their way to the Fortress, dealing with insurrection and...

Exclusive AfterShock Preview: UNDONE BY BLOOD #4 – Sami Kivela Does It Again

Undone by Blood or the Shadow of a Wanted Man #4 hits your local comic book store July 15, but thanks to AfterShock Comics,...

Eye Grabbing Panels In UNDONE BY BLOOD #3

Undone By Blood is not bound by rules and instead demonstrates exactly what you can do with a page of panels and images.

UNDONE BY BLOOD Is Not Trapped By Restrictive Panel Layouts

There are a lot of exciting things happening in Undone By Blood and page 4 of issue 2 is a work of genius.

Review: UNDONE BY BLOOD #1 Is Full of Grimy Potential

  Western tales based on vengeance are almost always a good time, full of gritty atmosphere and bloody action. Writers Lonnie Nadler and Zac Thompson...

It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13

Wasted Space #13 is an emotionally jarring and powerful read, one that pushes the characters and readers past the limits.

WASTED SPACE #11: The Psychological Trials of A Tortured Soul in Space

Wasted Space #11 pushes Billy and his cohorts to the extreme. This is a tale full of twists, turns, and an entire bucketful of tumultuous experiences.

Review: Spreading Fear With RESONANT #2

In Vault Comics' Resonant #2 David Andry and Alejandro Aragon begin to expand the landscape while developing the character’s emotional states.

Review: RESONANT #1 A Sensational Way To End The World

Intriguing and exciting in equal measure, Resonant from Vault Comics has plenty to keep a reader engaged. A masterful first issue and a must read.