Exclusive AfterShock Preview: UNDONE BY BLOOD #4 – Sami Kivela Does It Again

Undone by Blood or the Shadow of a Wanted Man #4 hits your local comic book store July 15, but thanks to AfterShock Comics, we have a four-page preview with a great look at Sami Kivela’s panel design.

The book is written by Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson, with art by Kivela, Jason Wordie drops some color, you will read Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s letters, and Kivela & Wordie designed the cover.

About Undone by Blood or the Shadow of a Wanted Man #4:
As Ethel approaches the truth about the man who murdered her family, she’s discovering that the justice of the old West isn’t as glorious as fiction makes it out to be. Chasing one fickle lead after another has not paid off. No one can be trusted – a lesson she failed to learn from cowboy legend, Solomon Eaton. And Solomon is in his own heap of trouble, going up against a town full of men who will do anything to prevent him from saving his son.


“Kivela does not conform to any set panel layout. There isn’t an overriding pattern that can be discerned from reading each issue. There are no formulaic nine-panel grids here. Instead, Kivela chops and changes the layout page by page, choosing a structure that suits the scene.” Darryll Robson

Enjoy the preview below.

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Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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