Wasted Space #11 is a tumultuous read, one that fans of the series are not going to want to miss out on.

WASTED SPACE #11: The Psychological Trials of A Tortured Soul in Space

WASTED SPACE #11, out this Wednesday from Vault Comics, is the beginning of an all-new plot arc surrounding Billy and his allies. Naturally, that means there’s about to be a whole lot of chaos for the readers to absorb.

Annnd they’re back! What a sight for sore eyes.


Wasted Space has been an amusing and shocking series right from the start. But the new plot arc started within Wasted Space #11 is already proving to be the biggest upheaval of the series. So far, at any rate. There’s little doubt that Billy will find himself in an even bigger mess in the future.

This slightly screwed up team of misfits has a mission. They know what that mission is, even if they’re plagued by self-doubt from time to time. It hasn’t been an easy job – not by a long shot. And yet they’re still moving forward.

Wasted Space is a perfect read for people looking for something that borders between inane and twisted. It’s a nihilist’s dream come true – in space.

It looks like Billy and his crew are working on a new plan.

Michael Moreci outdid himself when he sat down to write this plot arc. It’s without a doubt the best the series has had to offer so far. Considering the fact the series has been a chaotic blast of a read so far, that’s saying something.

Wasted Space #11 has somehow managed to up the ante, bringing us a Billy who is simultaneously at his best and his worst. That’s only just the beginning; there are several things in motion in this latest plot.

Have you ever picked up a comic book and been utterly blown away by the events in those pages? That’s what reading Wasted Space #11 is like. This issue puts Billy and his crew through every emotion known to man – and then some. The roller coaster of emotions is both shocking and compelling.

The transitions between each set of emotions were sudden, and sometimes a little bit irreverent. But it flowed nicely with the way this series has gone so far. And it was a poignant reminder that when on a hero’s quest, one can never truly prepare for everything. Especially not when you’re in space, with a team such as this, on a ship held together by duct-tape.

Billy’s journey at times seems like a hero’s quest. And at other times reads like an extreme form of self-flagellation. So it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise when we see a gambit of emotions such as this one. We need these intense moments of emotion to balance out some of what we’ve seen Billy go through.

And something is about to blow up. Also, poor Squee!

Wasted Space #11 has that iconic look that readers have come to expect and adore about this series. Our characters look ragged – as would anybody spending that much time in space (in a ship that’s not doing too well, mind you). But it’s more than that. What’s especially impressive is how much emotion the artists were able to work into the expression of our characters.

The chaotic moments were a lot of fun to see, as well. The sense of movement and the explosions were especially fun. But when aren’t explosions fun? The self-censoring is still on-point, as well. There is nothing like a giant smiley right up in your face to remind you of everything you don’t want to be seeing.

Hayden Sherman and Jason Wordie are a power team when it comes to this series. They understand the story being told. Everything feels so balanced.

That’s one heck of a dramatic pose, don’t you think?

Wasted Space #11 was one heck of an issue. The creative team has good reason to be proud of this one. But don’t worry – all of those emotional moments are perfectly balanced out by chuckle-worthy moments, and more than a healthy dose of twisted humor. In short, it’s exactly what the fans have been looking forward to.

Cat Wyatt
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Wasted Space #11 is a tumultuous read, one that fans of the series are not going to want to miss out on. WASTED SPACE #11: The Psychological Trials of A Tortured Soul in Space