Wasted Space #13 is a visually and emotionally stunning read, forcing the characters to be brutally honest in a surprising twist.

It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13

WASTED SPACE #13, out this Wednesday from Vault Comics, split up the conflicted team in order to force some soul searching from specific members. This is literally an emotional issue, full of debate and turmoil.

Things are not looking good for Billy on this cover of Wasted Space #13.


Wasted Space has been a quirky and shocking series right from the get go. So at a certain point, fans have just started to expect strange and exciting twists and turns. So it is impressive that they still manage to surprise readers each and every time.

This series is a space odyssey that is as inane as it is entertaining. It’s a series perfect for those searching for something completely different and out of this world – literally. It’s brutal and irreverent and absolutely refuses to pull punches. But all of that makes it so worth the read.

There is honesty, and then there’s brutal emotional honesty. The latter becomes a relevant factor in Wasted Space #13, as our characters are pushed to their limits once again. But this time this around, there’s not a quick and easy solution.

One of the more vibrant credit pages out there; we’re digging the colors.

The Plot

Wasted Space #13 is an emotional hammer of a read. It’s powerful and rips the characters apart, forcing them to face anything and everything they’ve been hiding from. That’s what makes it so shocking – and interesting.

The characters in this series are far from perfect. That’s a fact that Michael Moreci has made clear time and time again. If they had been, the revelations in this issue wouldn’t have been so compelling. So what Billy goes through here – and what Billy learns – is so full of impact. It’s enough to make one stop and think.

This issue was a fast-paced one, thanks in part to the fact that the group has been split into two. While Billy is off being tortured by emotion sucking vampires (perhaps literally), everyone else is off fighting a science fiction battle worth writing about. It makes for a nice balance – the intense and the entertaining. The emotionally brutal with the action.

There’s one running joke throughout this issue (series, actually) that was so hilarious. It really helped to even out all of the tension, giving us a much needed breather here and there. Plus, it was just plain funny. And it got funnier each time it came up.

A temple that demands people to work towards being happy…yeah this is going to go great for Billy.

The Art

The artwork inside Wasted Space #13 is vibrant and full to the brim of interesting events and moments to look at. Naturally, the battle scenes, in particular, are especially busy – and entertaining. But that isn’t to say that Billy’s scenes aren’t visually striking. In fact, the portrayal of his reactions is a highlight of this issue, and with good reason.

Hayden Sherman was the lead artist for this issue, working alongside Jason Wordie for the colors, and Jim Campbell for letters. They did a brilliant job, and it’s nice to think that they had a lot of fun illustrating some of these scenes. Because they sure were fun to read and look at.

Woah, Billy. Was not expecting that from you!

In Conclusion

Wasted Space #13 was another satisfying read in this dramatic yet slightly insane space adventure. Nothing ever goes the way we expect, and that makes the series such an exciting read. The conclusion of this issue is enough to leave readers looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

Cat Wyatt
Cat Wyatt
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It’s Time For Some Honesty In WASTED SPACE #13Wasted Space #13 is a visually and emotionally stunning read, forcing the characters to be brutally honest in a surprising twist.