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A Quiet Place

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INTERVIEW: Brandon Roberts And How To Make Music With WWII Artillery Shells

Composer Brandon Roberts makes music for a wide range of projects that include films like Logan and A Quiet Place, as well as TV...

Paramount Hired a Writer for a New TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Movie

The heroes in a half shell are one step closer to coming back to the silver screen with The Hollywood Reporter breaking the news...

Review: HEREDITARY Is Frighteningly Fantastic And Extremely Unsettling

Director Ari Aster’s feature debut for A24, Hereditary, is a crackling journey oozing with terror which slowly builds to a horrific conclusion.

INTERVIEW: An Conversation with ADRIFT Director Baltasar Kormákur

Adrift hits theaters this Friday and is anchored by two terrific actors (Shaline Woodley and Sam Clafin). The film tells the real-life survival tale of Tami Oldham (Woodley) and Richard Pierce (Clafin) as they fight for their lives. Director Baltasar Kormákur was kind enough to give me a few minutes to talk about his latest project and here's what we had to say. 

Jamie Foxx to Star in SPAWN for Todd McFarlane’s Dark Blumhouse Adaptation.

Spawn will return to the big screen with Jamie Foxx cast as the title character. Creator Todd McFarlane, who will make his directorial debut, penned...

8 Original Films We Can’t Wait To See This Summer

Don't let these promising summer movies get lost in the season's shuffle of sequels, prequels and reboots.

Review: A QUIET PLACE Will Give You The Best Nightmares

A Quiet Place is deftly written, masterfully staged, and a beautifully shot film which oozes with intensity while leaving audiences exhausted from the ordeal.

Warner Bros. Hesitant on a Possible Michael Bay LOBO Film

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the speculation floating that Michael Bay will helm the Lobo film is currently false. In fact, the presumed production...

Emily Blunt To Star Alongside The Rock In Disney’s JUNGLE CRUISE

Superstar Emily Blunt, who will star in the upcoming Mary Poppins reboot, has joined Disney's Jungle Cruise, according to Variety. She will star alongside Dwayne "The...