BREAKING: Sylvester Stallone Confirms He’s Directing ‘Creed 2’

Sylvester Stallone took to Instagram earlier tonight to confirm that he is not only writing Creed 2, but it appears he’s on board as director. Brace yourselves for silliness.

Here is the post from Stallone’s ‘gram:

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Stallone has been writing the screenplay for the past few months, and yes he confirmed somewhere along the way that Dolph Lundgren would reprise his role as Ivan Drago. Because of course he will. It should be interesting to see how Stallone has written in the return of young Creed’s father’s killer.

The first Creed, directed by Ryan Coogler, was a legitimate awards contender, even if it was short changed at the Oscar nominations – Stallone was (ridiculously) the only actor to receive an Oscar nomination. He should have won, but Coogler and Jordan deserved recognition as well. This sequel, with the visionary auteur behind Rocky’s  II, III, IV, and Rocky Balboa, and Paradise Alley, and STAYING ALIVE, will almost certainly lighten the tone of Creed 2.

As for the release date, that is still unclear, though we should expect it some time in the fall of 2018. Aside from Lundgen and Michael B. Jordan returning as Adonis Creed, we don’t have a cast either. Stay tuned.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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