Steven Spielberg Talks ‘Indiana Jones 5’, Walter Cronkite Biopic

The Greatest American Director is Rolling Right Along

Steven Spielberg will be 70 in December, but the legend doesn’t seem to be ready to slow down. At all. In fact, Spielberg has an astounding number of plates in the air, from his upcoming family film The BFG, to the Ready Player One adaptation, and a staggering  number of upcoming producing credits.

He’s also working on Indiana Jones 5, and if that weren’t enough of a schedule filler, he is re-teaming with his Bridge of Spies squad for a biopic on legendary newsman Walter Cronkite. According to the report at Deadline, the project will account Cronkite’s coverage of Vietnam and subsequent influence in the turning of the tide surrounding the conflict. Let’s hope he still includes Cronkite’s coverage of the Kennedy assassination. At least in a prologue.

As for Indiana Jones 5, Steven Spielberg has assured everyone he has no plans to kill off the character. Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg says he is excited for the film and has no intention on killing off the archeologist. Hopefully the film won’t kill off everything we once loved about Indy.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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