‘Star Trek Beyond’ Karl Urban Says Trailer shot Is In Film’s End

During a recent conversation with IGN , Star Trek Beyond  star Karl Urban revealed some interesting news. Apparently a clip from a key scene near the film’s finale was added to the second official trailer released by Paramount.

Urban talked for several minutes about Star Trek as a franchise, even professing his fondness for the first film entry, ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture‘.

For the longest time I felt that it was too slow, but with age I’ve come to a great appreciation of it. I really love it. It’s still, you know, the essence of exploring the unknown. There’s great character dynamics, with Kirk being a little rusty, being out of the chair, feeling threatened by Decker, and McCoy really calling Kirk on his insecurity. You know, Spock returning from Vulcan not having achieved the Kolinahr and coming back to his calling and his friends, and having an agenda that’s outside of the mission, his own personal agenda. I mean, there was a lot of interesting stuff in there. And then V’ger itself, the concept of something, an Earth probe, that was sent out and has become self-aware. I just think it was a really fantastic Star Trek story.”


Given Urban’s love of the original movie it’s not shocking that he asked to have an Easter egg added to the end of Star Trek Beyond. The scene shows Urban looking similar to the way DeForest Kelley did when he first appeared in The Motion Picture with a heavy beard and wearing a large medallion. It’s a quick glance but it’s the background that reveals some possible new information. Here’s a look.

While everything else leads us to the crew are on the Yorktown space station (an outpost visited in Beyond ), the architecture in the background seems to imply they’ve returned to Earth. Possibly abandoning their remaining term of service after their battle with the villainous Krall.

Star Trek Beyond will be in theaters July 22.

Jamie DeCourley
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