SPOILERS – AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR End-Credits Scene Is A Call To The Meh Hotline

Unless you have a time stone, turn back now if you don’t want Avengers: Infinity War spoiled for you.  I mean it.  If you have not sat in a theater for almost three hours while watching superheroes fight Thanos, go back.  Avert your eyes from the spoilers that lace this article.

Then again the word “spoiler” is in the headline so you’ve entered at your own risk.  But seriously don’t tweet me saying I’ve spoiled the ending of the movie and what comes after it.  I’ve written two paragraphs and placed a picture of Vision below just so you can exit if you haven’t seen the movie.

Infinity War

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Avengers: Infinity War ended in a way no other Marvel movie has ended.  With the villain coming out on top.  Many of Earth’s mightiest heroes including Spider-Man, Black Pantherand many of Earth’s people were wiped out by the gloved hand of Thanos.  After all of the credits rolled, we saw Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving through New York City.

As they themselves become part of Thanos’ mass genocide, Fury is able to make one final call.  A distress signal to Brie Larson‘s Captain Marvel.  Though she does not appear on-screen, her symbol does appear in-color on Fury’s device and then the screen goes black.  This end-credits scene does raise a bit of a question.

Infinity War

Is Captain Marvel’s ending tied to why Fury had to alert her?  Does her movie answer why she was not in Infinity War?  While we won’t be finding out until March 6, 2019, the cliffhanger was a bit meh.  Normally the studio uses cliffhangers to introduce a character we didn’t know was coming or a twist related to a film’s story.

If we didn’t know Carol Danvers was part of the universe and this was the first reveal, it would’ve been a solid reveal.  But since we already know she’s coming it takes away the surprise element and the purpose of the cliffhanger.  Serving as an unnecessary reminder of what we already know. What do you think of the end-credits sequence?  Comment below!

Nick Battaglia
Nick Battaglia
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