Did “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Introduce Miles Morales?

Like every other Marvel film, Homecoming is rife with Easter Eggs, references to comics characters, and connections to other films in the MCU. A top ten list from Variety points out perhaps the most important Egg for fans of the Spider-verse: a very subtle reference to Miles Morales.


Donald Glover, Miles Morales, and You

Spider-Man Miles MoralesHomecoming has a huge cast of characters, most pulled right from the pages of one Spider-Man book or another. Many of them are introduced seamlessly within the story, including an ancestor of a Howling Commando. One of the most subtle introductions, however, is Miles Morales, barely mentioned by his uncle Aaron Davis. In the books, Davis is a low-level baddie named the Prowler, and in Homecoming he’s certainly not much more of a threat. During a conversation with Peter, he mentions he doesn’t want supernatural weapons in his neighborhood. His reasoning? “I got a nephew who lives around here.”

For those who didn’t pick up the reference (read: me), the line is a throwaway. It makes Davis more likable, and gives him motivation for his objection to the weapons, but doesn’t have a lot of weight in the main plot. For those with better Spidey-senses, Davis’ reference to his nephew was a quiet way to introduce Miles.

Glover is a long-time Spider-Man fan, who rallied for the on-screen role of Miles several years ago. While he didn’t get to play Miles in a live-action role, he did voice the character for several episodes of the animated series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Miles is a fan favorite, for plenty of reasons (anything but that Uncle Ben origin story again, please). He’s even getting his own animated film in December 2018. But Miles is important for more than just his popularity: he would mark an obvious shift in the racial diversity of the MCU.

The Even Younger Avengers

At the end of Homecoming, Peter decides to “stay grounded” for a while, taking care of his home-burrough of Queens instead of joining the Avengers upstate. How long can that last? Perhaps we’re moving towards a world where Peter joins the Avengers, leaving his home in the capable hands of Miles. Chris Evans is already on his way out as Cap. There’s a good chance Anthony Mackie will replace him. Is the introduction of Miles a teaser for a far-off passing of the Spider-Man cowl? Who else might we see as the old guard begins handing off their Super-responsibilities?

Based on Marvel Comics characters, Spider-Man: Homecoming was released July 7th, 2017. The film stars Tom Holland (Peter Parker), Jacob Batalon (Ned), Michael Keaton (Vulture), Zendaya (Michelle/MJ), and Laura Harrier (Liz). Directed by John Watts with a screenplay by Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, Christopher Ford, Chris McKenna, Erik Sommers and Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Homecoming is now in theatres.

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