“Spartacus” creator to direct “Pacific Rim 2”

Ever since the surprising success of Guilmerro Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, fans have been clamoring about any detail they can get about Pacific Rim 2. Safe to say the news surrounding Pacific Rim 2 has been sporadic with constant shifts between hiatus to straight up talk about cancelling at points. It seems now that we finally get some refreshing headway into the actual production of the movie. Of course since Del Toro himself won’t be returning to direct Pacific Rim 2, mainly because of projects such as Fantastic Voyage and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, they had to get someone else to take the helm. Enter Steven DeKnight, mostly known for his creation of the hit Starz series Spartacus, he’s also responsible for bringing the recent hit Daredevil TV series to Netflix. And by this pedigree alone it seems like Pacific Rim 2 is in good hands.

Now we just have to hold out breath until principal photography starts, because as of now there still isn’t a planned release date. However I’m feeling rather confident that DeKnight can take Jon Spaihts script and help make lightning strike twice for this developing franchise.

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson
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