What’s In Store for Moviegoers in the Second Half of 2017

Don’t Sleep On Hollywood; 2017 Movies Will Finish Just As Strong As It Started

If you ask people online, the majority of good 2017 movies will stop after the summer blockbuster season. Except for a Star Wars film or Oscar contenders, nothing is sticking with fans. Sadly, this is dismissing the jam-packed schedule of 2017’s second act.

Check out my picks for the movies you need on your radar! Don’t expect to see films like The Last Jedi or any Marvel/DC as most moviegoers know about the tentpole releases.

The Dark Tower (August 4th)

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– Stephen King’s novels usually make for somewhat polarizing films. Even before its release, The Dark Tower split fans. Casting Idris Elba as the Gunslinger pissed off some and then an odd first trailer dropped. Shortly, the running time of 95 minutes stunned fans as this is an attempt to retell an 845-page book. If you don’t want to see this based on personal interest, check it out to see if it is “so bad it’s good.”

Detroit (August 4th)

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Detroit is the newest release from director Kathryn Bigelow. This story is surrounded by one of the biggest race riots in American history as it dramatically retells the Algiers Motel incident. Bigelow often dives into dark topics, and this film is no different. Tackling racial relations in society isn’t being shielded for 2017 movies, but something about Detroit seems so gritty than the rest. Could this movie be gold during award season?

IT (September 8th)

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IT is going to be a moment in pop culture history. This September release is the second Stephen King adaption for 2017 movies but will fair much better than The Dark Tower. The hype surrounding this project is going beyond just the horror community and drawing mainstream appeal. Maybe all those clown sightings during 2016 actually will boost this project. Time will only tell, but there isn’t much time to recover till the upcoming sequel.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle (September 22nd)

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– Kingsman: The Golden Circle should have turned out to be tentpole movie, but there’s something that didn’t click with the mainstream. That’s not a swipe against the first film as it gained a cult following but this needs some extra help to succeed. Adding an American touch to the Brit-centric film is smart to gain more appeal with the domestic box-office. Thankfully they didn’t sacrifice the insanity that made this movie entertaining.

Mother! (September 15th)

2017 movies

– Darren Aronofsky is one of those artful directors that are must-sees. When he releases a film, you have to see it. Thankfully he is blessing 2017 with another one of his unique take on horror. Little is known about Mother, other than minimal plot details. The film will follow a couple as their relationship is tested when unexpected visitors disrupt their peaceful existence. Aronofsky’s Mother sounds like a twisted psychological horror film.

Battle of the Sexes (September 22)

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– Emma Stone’s complete makeover to become Billie Jean King is masterful. After winning Best Actress at the Acadamy Awards, she’s trying to prove herself as a real artist. Battle of the Sexes is based on the intergender tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. This story is an intensely passionate and insane true story that took sports and pop culture by storm. A film about gender fit perfectly into 2017 movies.

Happy Death Day (October 13th)

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– Slasher films can see reinvigoration with Happy Death Day. Mixing the time loop concept from Groundhog Day with a traditional slasher approach, the trailer for this movie still felt unique. Coming from Blumhouse (who is on a roll this year), this could be one of the horror events of the Halloween season. Releasing it on the time adults and teens are looking for good scares is bound to put butts in seats.

Coco (November 22)

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– Why isn’t Disney pushing Coco as hard as they should? After D23, there was almost no coverage about the upcoming film. While the company has a checkered history with representing other cultures, many were surprised to see Disney embrace death in the spirit of Día de Muertos. The topic can seem off-putting for some families, but the bold move can pay off with proper promotion. Let’s harken back to spooky things like Addams Family.

The Disaster Artist (December 1st/December 8th)

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– “Oh. Hi, Mark”. Only a madman like James Franco can take on the task of reimagining the worst movie ever, The Room. Originally made by Tommy Wiseau, Franco’s film will be the story of how the film came to be. The most ironic thing is how much praise this movie is getting. Somehow, they made a great movie about one of the most infamously bad movies. The Disaster Artist is undeniably a must-see.

Phantom Thread (December 25th)

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– Paul Thomas Anderson was directing Daniel Day Lewis in his last film with a Christmas day release. What about that sentence makes you not want to see Phantom Thread? Well if you need to know plot details, this story is about a man named Charles James (Daniel Day Lewis) who is commissioned to create couture clothes for royalty. Missing this film will put you behind during its potential award season sweep.

What do you think of this list? What is now your must-see movie of 2017?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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