Ryan Gosling Talks ‘Blade Runner 2’, Shane Black Noir ‘The Nice Guys’

Ryan Gosling has been quiet recently, though that doesn’t mean he isn’t working on a few hot properties. Yesterday, in an interview with Collider on the publicity tour for his next film, the ensemble drama The Big Short, the actor confirmed his role in (the baffling) Blade Runner 2, and spent a little more time detailing his role in the upcoming Shane Black noir, The Nice Guys.

While he was quite dodgy when talking about Blade Runner 2, he did say he was in the film. He added, jokingly, that if he said anymore “there’s a chip in my neck that will explode.” The film has absolutely no reason for existing, but having Gosling on board alongside Harrison Ford, in a film directed by the great Denis Villeneuve and shot by the even greater cinematographer Roger Deakins (the two teamed up for both Prisoners, and Sicario) is a promising start. Maybe they can make this unnecessary sequel feel necessary in the end.

Now for The Nice Guys, Shane Black’s noir thriller starring Gosling opposite Russell Crowe. Gosling will play a private detective and Crowe a heavy in the 70s. The two team up to solve a murder and a missing person’s case, you know, typical noir stuff. Which is perfect, especially with Black on board. Shane Black is a fantastic writer (Lethal Weapon) and a solid writer/director (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang). On The Nice Guys, Gosling had this to say:

“I don’t know what to say. It’s Shane Black. He’s a world unto himself. His world is so fun and crazy. I had such a great time. Russell Crowe is so funny in the movie. I can’t wait for people to see that in the movie. It’s not a side of himself that he shows very often, but he’s hysterical.”

You don’t hear many people say Russell Crowe is “hysterical,” so that’s a good sign the two had a good working relationship. The Nice Guys will open May 20, 2016, and also stars Kim Basinger, Matt Bomer, and Keith David. Following that, Ryan Gosling said he will turn his attention fully to Blade Runner 2. We’ll see how that goes…


Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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