Rob Liefeld’s ‘Extreme Universe’ To Get Film Franchise

Rob Liefeld, creator of Deadpool, has more characters set for a film adaptation.

It’s being reported that Liefeld’s Extreme Universe is set to become a live action movie. Graham King and Mark Gao’s Fundamental Films are teaming up with Akiva Goldsman on bringing the property to the big screen.

In a statement, Liefeld talked about his excitement for this project.

“Over the past nearly 25 years, since launching Image Comics, I’ve been lucky enough to see the power of these stories and characters as they’ve resonated with several generations of comic book fans. To now be able to work with Akiva Goldsman and Graham King, who are powerhouses in their own right, to bring these compelling characters and conflicts to life on the big screen is nothing short of a dream come true!”

Although the Extreme Universe consists of over 100 characters, the most notable include Cybrid, Brigade, Bloodstrike, Lethal, Battlestone, Kaboom, and Re-Gex.

No word on the release date or other details.

Source: The Wrap.

Aric Sweeny
Aric Sweeny
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