RIP Fantastic Four 2: Sequel Disappears From FOX Schedule

To nobody’s surprise in particular, Fantastic Four 2 has disappeared from FOX’s future schedule of films. It was an inevitable decision, given that the first (of the reboots of) Fantastic Four this summer was a failure on just about every front. One of the most epic failures in comic-book movie history.

Box Office Mojo had the upcoming schedule of FOX films, and changed the date of Fantastic Four 2 to the ominous TBD. This means, in so many words, it ain’t happening. Whatever the issues may have been between Josh Trank, the studio, and the actors on set – and it all depends on who you believe – this was the best Fantastic Four film so far. But, again, that is the faintest of praise given the dumpster fire that was mid-2000s films and the Roger Corman B-fest that exists in legend and thin footage.

I have a sneaking suspicion this film will get a new appreciation in five to ten years. It’s different than what people wanted, a little darker and more threatening than most Marvel properties, and it might just need time to percolate in the court of public opinion. Whatever the case, I’ll check back in with you before the decade changes and we’ll see what you think…

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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