Movie Show: RiffTrax, MST3K Crew Fix The Worst Film Ever, ‘The Room’

Matthew Sardo of Monkeys Fighting Robots chats with Mystery Science Theater 3000 Alumni; Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett about their upcoming Rifftrax Live session on the worst movie ever The Room.

Bonus: A review of Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club 2’ from Dark Horse Comics.


It’s true—it is possible to love bad movies, thanks to our friends at RiffTrax. After the cult series Mystery Science Theater 3000 was prematurely (and unjustly) canceled, comedians Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett started RiffTrax to continue to share hilarious quips and observations about bad cinema with comedy lovers and movie fans everywhere.

On MST3K, the trio was restricted to low-budget B-movies due to budgetary constraints. As RiffTrax, the group is able to comment on any film they want—beloved franchises, supposed classics, summer blockbusters, science fiction favorites, and of course, many very, very bad movies. Because of copyright issues, viewers must use their own methods to obtain the films, but they are able to download commentary tracks right off the RiffTrax website.

The hysterical team tours the country performing RiffTrax Live in accompaniment to films like Sharknado and Birdemic. May 6th, RiffTrax will present The Room live from Nashville and beamed to hundreds of movie theaters coast to coast (with an encore on May 12th)! For tickets and locations:

Other live RiffTrax events coming this year include:
SHARKNADO 2 – July 9th

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