A Definitive Ranking Of The Women In The ‘King Kong’ Franchise

There Is Only Room For One Lady In King Kong’s Heart!

Sure, the ‘King Kong‘ franchise is known for the titular giant ape but there’s a few other trademarks in his films. Every incarnation features a women, played by a great actress, who somehow becomes the center of Kong’s world.

It all starts in 1933 with Fay Wray as Ann Darrow, the girl who King Kong took to the top of the Empire State building became an infamous role. Jessica Lange played a similar role named Dwan in the 1976 remake. Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake brought Ann Darrow back but this time it was played by Naomi Watts. This brings us to 2017 where Brie Larson will be taking on a similar role named Mason Weaver in ‘Kong: Skull Island‘.

Each of these women play a major part in Kong’s life but who means the most?


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Brie Larson


Brie Larson is the new girl on the block but she still packs a punch. The odd thing, she’s one women that Kong isn’t completely obsessed with. Sadly, it makes Larson’s character more forgettable. Her acting is fine but she doesn’t have impact of the ladies before her. Maybe, she’ll be back for ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ sequel.

Jessica Lange


If only the movie around Jessica Lange was better. We know Lange is a powerful actress but with this being her first film, she didn’t really come into her own yet. It might be the bad movie or the fact Kong plays with Lange’s breast in a deleted scene but it’s hard to get behind this performance and the ’76 remake.

Fay Wray


The original just misses out on the top spot. Fay Wray invented this role, shaping a generation of damsel in distresses. Wray is known as one of the first scream queens in horror and this performance is the reason why! Her interactions with Kong are stuff of legends and is constantly trying to be replicated.

Naomi Watts


This battle for first place was hard. Both Naomi Watts and Fay Wray play the same character but both bring something different. But in the end, Naomi Watts elevates Ann Darrow to another level. Maybe because 2005’s ‘King Kong‘ is beautifully directed but there’s added layers to this role that wasn’t there with Wray.

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