Power Rangers Will Have Cameos And A Mid-Credits Scene

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Power Rangers is shaping up to be a great flick. What’s more, there will be cameos from former Ranger actors and a mid-credits scene.

Two original cast members from the show will have cameo roles in the film, according to sources.

Cinemablend reports they are Jason David Frank and Amy Jo Johnson. They are known to fans as the Green Ranger and Pink Ranger, respectively. Sadly, fellow actors Austin St. John, David Yost and Walter Jones will not join them.

Director Dean Israelite states that Frank and Johnson are in the film. “Yeah, you saw them,” he says. “Those were really the two that we thought were important to put in there.”

Power Rangers

Finally, there is a bonus scene that hints at Tommy Oliver, who becomes the Green Ranger. As Israelite says, “We’re teasing something at the end that relates to [Tommy] so it sort of all felt organic.”

The scene takes place during the end credits. It will take place in a detention hall. While Tommy doesn’t appear, his name is called out by a teacher taking attendance.

Based on this news, the film’s sequel could adapt the show’s “Green With Evil” four-part story arc. This would be a great way to bring Tommy into the mix.

Power Rangers comes out on March 24, 2017.


Jonathan Bruce
Jonathan Bruce
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