Post-Walking Dead mid-season finale fan reaction

Walking Dead had its mid-season finale Sunday night. Fans of the comic book have enjoyed the show but non-comic book readers have complained that the show has been slow.

I have enjoyed the show even though the this first half could have been just a single episode. The mid-season finale was very powerful but it could have been just as powerful in one episode. The problem with dragging out the farm-house plot for this long is viewers just wanted it to be over. What makes the Walking Dead comics so good is that almost every issue has a cliff hanger or a WTF moment. This season the WTF moments were very weak till the last episode but by that time I just wanted something to happen.

Walking Dead will return to AMC on February 12, 2012.

What do you think?

“Slow at times, but ending was great!” @ElDuceBrown said Charles Brown via twitter.

“Intense. Great. Finally. The past few weeks have been kinda boring.” said Mark Meads via facebook.

“Finally. One more episode of “try and find Sophia” and I was going to blow MY brains out.” @XSarahCoreX
said Sarah With An H via twitter.

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