Pierce Brosnan: Gay Bond Won’t Happen on Producer’s Watch

In a recent interview with Details, Pierce Brosnan said that a gay James Bond wouldn’t happen while longtime producer Barbara Broccoli is in charge. Broccoli has produced 10 Bond films so far since 1987 and is set to keep working on the franchise with Bond 25 after Spectre, which will be released on November 6.

When asked about his thoughts on gay marriage legalization in Ireland (his native country), Pierce Brosnan expressed his support, as he did to the suggestion of a gay 007:

Sure. Why not? [Pauses thoughtfully] Actually, I don’t know how it would work. I don’t think Barbara [Broccoli, the James Bond producer] would allow a gay Bond to happen in her lifetime. But it would certainly make for interesting viewing.

He then went on to praise Idris Elba, stating that there should be a black James Bond first, while recognizing that Daniel Craig has still a long future in the franchise. But the truth is that Craig has said that he’d step down from playing Bond in the 25th film if he felt too old for it. Furthermore, Elba has been rumored to have met Broccoli before, even though he denied any chances to take on the role. Another candidate to substitute Daniel Craig was rumored to be Damian Lewis (Homeland) earlier this year.

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My question is: why is it a problem, according to Pierce Brosnan, for producer Broccoli to have a gay James Bond? But most importantly, why is this even a discussion still? And wouldn’t it be great to have a female 007? I can think of a few names for all these different roles, but maybe they only want to maintain the Bond stereotype: sexy older man with lot of girls he “falls in love with”.

What kind of role would you like James Bond to be next?

Elisabeth S. Contreras
Elisabeth S. Contreras
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