Peyton Reed Reveals Original ‘Ant-Man’ Opening Sequence

Ant-Man director Peyton Reed revealed to CinemaBlend in an interview that the film was originally supposed to open with a very different sequence than we got in the final cut. Describing the sequence, Reed saidPeyton Reed

“It was basically a standalone sequence where you really did not see it was Hank Pym. He was retrieving some microfilm from this, originally Cuban general and then it because a Panamanian general… It really was designed in those early drafts to be almost like a Bond movie standalone scene in the beginning. It was going to show the powers. You never saw Ant-Man, it almost felt like an Invisible Man sequence, and it’s really, really cool.”

He also revealed that the scene is a remnant of the Edgar Wright/ Joe Cornish script and was scrapped only because it started to feel out of place.

“It started to feel tonally disconnected from the movie we were making and story-wise, and it also kind of like, it set a standalone adventure, but it didn’t just connect to the rest of our story.” -Peyton Reed

There is hope though! As the director says he has suggested that it be used as a One-Shot for the Blu-Ray release of Ant-Man. He was quoted saying

“We actually ended up shooting that sequence and cut it together and it’s fantastic, but the more we got into editing, it just felt too disconnected to the rest of the movie. It felt like vestige of those earlier drafts, which as a standalone thing was really cool. We actually talked at one point about releasing like a standalone, Hank Pym as Ant-Man. Who knows if that will still happen.”

This sounds exciting and I can’t wait to see the sequence if it makes it into the Blu-Ray release. Have you seen Ant-Man? What did you think?

Ant-Man is still in theaters

Majeed Sayibu
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