Sam Raimi to Direct with Lin-Manuel Miranda on “Kingkiller Chronicles”

Sam Raimi, director of the original Spider-Man trilogy and Evil Dead series will direct the film adaptation of fantasy behemoth The Kingkiller Chronicles. According to Variety, Raimi will return from his directing hiatus to work on Name of the Wind, based on Patrick Rothfuss’ book with the same title. Raimi will work with Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has already signed on as executive producer and “musical mastermind.”Sam Raimi Directing

Raimi, Miranda, and the Story of Tonight

Neither Lionsgate nor Raimi has commented on the project yet. However, Miranda and Rothfuss have expressed mutual admiration. Miranda (Moana, In the Heights) has admitted that the book series directly influenced him while writing his smash musical Hamilton.


Rothfuss is yet to finish the third and final book in the trilogy, which fans (including Miranda) have eagerly awaited for years.Rothfuss and Miranda

The Expanding Chronicles

Raimi is the latest talent to enter negotiations with Lionsgate on this project. The production company has plans for both a feature film adaptation and television series tie-in. While the film will adapt Name of the Wind directly, the television series will take place one generation before the book. Miranda’s contract also reportedly includes an option to develop a stage production.

Get ready for the already massive world of the Chronicles to get even bigger.

The Kingkiller Chronicles explores the fantasy world of Temerant through the eyes of Kvothe, an aging pub owner with a legendary past. After childhood tragedy thrusts him from life on the road, Kvothe sets out to make a name for himself with nothing more than his natural musical talent and penchant for story-telling. He trains at the legendary University in arcane magic. He spends time in the land of the Fae. He develops his skills as an assassin. And that’s just the beginning.

Rothfuss will also work as an executive producer. Lindsey Beer has also joined the team writing the script for the film, currently titled The Kingkiller Chronicle. Beer also worked on Transformers: The Last Knight. She also adapted Chaos Walking and wrote an adaptation of Dungeons and Dragons, set for a 2021 release (TOR).

No release date has been announced for either the film or television adaptations of The Kingkiller Chronicles.

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