NYCC Exclusive: Todd McFarlane Gives ‘Spawn’ Release Date Information

Image Comics Founder, Todd McFarlane is at New York Comic-Con teasing production details on his ‘Spawn’ film.

Back at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer, it was announced that Jason Blum of Blumhouse had partnered with McFarlane on the movie.

Now at NYCC, McFarlane went through every production detail with Monkeys Fighting Robots and gave a timetable for a release date and casting announcements.

“You know movies sort of move at a slow pace but the scripts in, and we just began budgeting it. From there will then go into Hollywood and make our predistribution deal. A release date will come with that deal probably. So that will be the next big sort of important piece of news that the Internet will care about. Gathering the money and doing some of the other stuff behind the scenes isn’t sexy and then once we make that predistribution deal, then we’ll hire the actors and then start going fast. We’ll hire the actors. We’ll jump into pre-production and then we’ll get into production probably five-six weeks after we start pre-production. So we’re hoping to be into pre-production which means everything’s lined up. We’ll have all of our actors in place by the beginning of the New Year. Which means will be shooting hopefully late to middle of February,” said McFarlane to Monkeys Fighting Robots Reporter Roger Riddell.

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‘Spawn’ film timeline:
• Release date announcement in the next month
• Casting news the first of the year.
• Filming to start end of February.

With that schedule, look for ‘Spawn’ to hit theaters in January or February of 2019.

Are you excited for a ‘Spawn’ film? Comment below.

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Matthew Sardo
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