New ‘Knight of Cups’ Trailer: Terrence Malick Through a Bret Easton Ellis Lens

The full trailer for Terrence Malick’s latest ensemble drama Knight of Cups has been released. And while it is still “full Malick,” with long walks on the beach – and long walks everywhere – and beautifully composed cinematography, it appears to have more energy and forward momentum than Malick’s more recent Tree of Life (brilliant) and To The Wonder (boring). He even seems to be channeling a bit of Bret Easton Ellis with the languid lost souls drifting around Los Angeles nightlife.

Not to mention, this Knight of Cups trailer seems to have more dialogue than To The Wonder did in its entire runtime:


I adore The Tree of Life. It’s a hypnotizing, introspective, very personal film for Malick. But To The Wonder felt like a parody of ToL. Which is why the teaser trailer for Knight of Cups was a bit worrisome for me, because we can’t keep drifting through the nothingness, can we? My favorite part of the trailer, though, has to be Antonio Banderas saying “raspberries” and “strawberries.” What a great accent!

Knight of Cups is set for a March 16 release. That could always change, this being a Malick film and all.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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