New Explosive Photos From The ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Set

Star Wars Episode VIII continued filming in Dubrovnik today and with that brought a whole fresh set of photos to along with it. For those who may not have seen yesterday’s article, we posted videos and pictures of what looked to be a land speeder chase. We also wondered why everyone was wearing black. Well, that trend continued today. Let’s take a look but be forewarned; these are certainly spoiler filled pictures that I’m about to post.

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Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn all of you.


These costumes seem to have an imperial feel to them. What are your thoughts?

starwarsepisodeviii11 starwarsepisodeviii12

Anyone recognize who’s on what looks to be some space horse? It certainly seems to be Finn and Rey or it could be their stunt doubles. Still check out the guys jacket and tell me that doesn’t look like Finn to you.

Starwarsepisodeviii4 Starwarsepisodeviii14 starwarsepisodeviii10 starwarsepisodeviii9


A couple of really cool shots of people in these scenes. Again more photos of people in black but the part that sticks out to me is that we have that one lady who’s in white. Who is she? Any theories? Also, we have more men in black robes that look similar to a Jedi robe. Why? Then we, of course, have the group gathered on the street all in black. Is this some funeral that we are witnessing?

starwarsepisodeviii5  starwarsepisodeviii1 starwarsepisodeviii6 starwarsepisodeviii2 starwarsepisodeviii3 starwarsepisodeviii8 starwarsepisodeviii7

Lastly, we have shots that map out an explosive land speeder chase. Who are the actors in these pictures? Stunt doubles?New Actors?

Let us know what you think about all these photos as we continue to countdown the days till Star Wars Episode VIII is released.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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