What’s On Netflix? Satan, Edgar Allan Poe, and Deadly Holidays!

Yes, I watched Stranger Things, The Get Down, Jessica Jones, and Jaws, but Netflix is a treasure trove of OTHER stuff a lot of people don’t even know exists. That’s a shame; there are many a hidden gem in the streaming service. And still much more on all the other various streaming services. But just like the end of the original Conan movies, that’s a story for another time. Sliding through “recently added” or “popular” will bring up some great entertainment. But clicking on genres and digging down into the Netflix library is supremely entertaining too! Here are five fun flicks all currently streaming on Netflix.

No beavers were harmed in the making of this film.

The Beaver Trilogy Part IV

A documentary about a peculiar series of films made by indie filmmaker Trent Harris. Brad Besser directs and SNL alum Bill Hader narrates a rollercoaster story about the desire for stardom. The Beaver Trilogy Part IV is must-see for cinephiles who want an inside look at indie filmmaking before YouTube and computers made it easier and wildly accessible. The Beaver Trilogy Part IV features two well-known Hollywood celebrities before they were household names.

This party won’t end well.

The Invitation

This slow-burn horror film mostly takes place inside a living room and ends with a touch of Twilight Zone. The enclosed setting makes the film close and personal while setting up that final punch. Karyn Kusama who directed Girlfight (2000), Aeon Flux (2005), and Jennifer’s Body (2009), handles the material with just the right mix of pace and paranoia. The Invitation will make you question the next invite to an old friend’s get-together.

Happy holidays … now die.


An anthology film that features eight horror shorts. Each film revolves around a different holiday. A bit inconsistent from one film to the next, the overall experience is still fun for horror fans. The strongest entries are Christmas from director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) featuring Seth Green in a demented yarn about a trending toy. The other is Kevin Smith’s (Tusk, Dogma) Halloween starring his daughter Harley Quinn Smith which will make most men squirm.

The King of Hell’s life matters.

Last Shift

Low-budget horror done right-ish. Last Shift is a film about a young cop dealing with the loss of her father who was himself a police officer. Tasked with watching a retired police station all by herself, the film delves into psychological terror that reaches creepy for some scenes and head-scratching in others. The overall film is fun and carried by a strong performance from Juliana Harkavy (Alisha in season four of The Walking Dead).

Edgar Allan Poe refuses to die.

Extraordinary Tales

Former Disney Animator Raul Garcia (Lion King, Aladdin) directors this anthology series that brings five short stories from Edgar Allan Poe. Each short film is animated in a wildly different style that attempts to capture the mood and atmosphere of Poe’s literary works of art. The text of each story is narrated by a range of talents like Guillermo Del Toro and Roger Corman. The creepiest narration comes from Bela Lugosi in a recording from the 60s. Connecting the stories is a conversation between a statue which represents death and a raven that embodies Poe himself. These scenes look like origami come to life and are equally brilliant.

Find these films on Netflix and check in with Monkeys Fighting Robots for more streaming movies you might be missing.

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