Natalie Portman Captivates in This ‘Jackie’ Trailer

Natalie Portman has been getting all the plaudits for Jackie, her upcoming biopic about former First Lady Jackie Kennedy. The film takes place in the days following JFK’s assassination and, judging by this trailer, the day itself.

This Jackie trailer has an eerie sense of unnerving calm, an edge to it even as it glides along with its classical score. Portman might have her second Best Actress statue sewn up:

So there you have it. There is some breathtaking imagery in Pablo Larraín‘s film. And what you don’t see here is the incredible supporting cast: Peter Sarsgaard as Robert Kennedy, Greta Gerwig, John Carroll Lynch as LBJ, John Hurt, and Billy Crudup. Quite the crew.

Portman has been bobbing along in some strangely inept films since winning her much deserved Oscar for Black Swan. She’s tried some interesting things, but they just haven’t hit the right notes for the most part. This looks to be her back atop her game and sinking her teeth in some solid material. She has the look, and her voice sounds on point. We shall see just how great she is soon.

Jackie will hit up a few more festivals this year before it get its awards season limited release on December 2.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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