Top Ten Movies (so far) in 2015

We have officially reached the ½ way point of the 2015 movie season and it certainly has been a season of ups and downs. I am still recovering for the utter garbage that was The Boy Next Door in January. However, half way through the 2015 movie season we have had quite a few surprises. Here now is a look at what I would consider the Top 10 movies I have seen so far in 2015. These are must see movies.

10) Age of Adaline –I was  shocked as anyone that this movie made my Top 10. However, I couldn’t escape the fact that I actually did enjoy watching this movie. This film  stars Blake Lively and Harrison Ford and depicts the story of Adaline who is rendered ageless after an accident and how she handles her interpersonal relationships. This movie was a great romantic drama and I enjoyed it.

9) Avengers: Age of Ultron- Who wasn’t counting down the days until the sequel to the highly successful Avengers made it back to the theater? This movie did exactly what Marvel does best and that is deliver excitement. When I heard James Spader was cast as Ultron, I was filled with quite a bit of doubt. Then I took a deep breath and pulled out my Captain America t-shirt and just reminded myself that In Marvel We Trust.


8) Cinderella – A magical adaptation of the animated Disney Classic had me wondering at first if I was going to be in for quite a long night. How could they possibly pull of a live adaptation of one the most classic tales in Disney history? Well, they not only pulled it off well, I was engaged with the movie from beginning to end.

7) Amy – This was one of the more jarring documentaries that I have seen in years, because we all knew Amy Winehouse’s fate going into the movie. Through the use of clips and interviews you feel like you are with Amy, side by side, as she goes down a very dark road. It’s one of the best examples of film making this year and will more than likely be recognized during award season.

6) Mad Max: Fury Road – I wish that every action movie was as great as this one. You don’t need to have seen the other Mad Max movies but you might need to calm yourself after this thrill ride. I literally was on the edge of my seat from beginning to end and I would pay to see this movie again.

5) Inside Out- I am not a huge fan of animated movies but I was a huge fan of this movie. This movie was unique and engaging for all ages. One of the best Pixar movies I have seen in quite some time and maybe the best animated movie this year.

4) Jurassic World- I am not sure a movie came into this year with more pure hype than this one. Of course, this leads one to think that it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype. I’m telling you this movie exceeds the hype and is the epitome of summer fun. How could you not like Johnny Karate chasing dinosaurs?

3) Dope – This movie deserves the same type of hype as a Jurassic World. Quality writing and acting contribute to this movie being one of the best of the year so far. I was pleasantly surprised and I think you will be as well.

2) Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl- This movie could have easily been 3rd but its 2nd  based on the strong script. The acting is brilliant and you are sucked in from beginning to end. This is a big deal because it’s pretty obvious how this story will play out from the beginning of the movie, but you still want to see what transpires.

Rachel, Greg , and Earl in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Rachel, Greg , and Earl in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

1) Love and Mercy – This movie with John Cusack and Paul Dano is simply the best movie I have seen this year. I am not sure anything will knock this movie out of the top spot. It is a movie that needs to be seen. Paul Dano and John Cusack turn in a master-class like performance depicting both the young and old Brian Wilson. I could see Paul Dano and John Cusack both being nominated for Oscars.

Brian Wilson
Paul Dano portraying a young Brian Wilson

I look forward to doing an end of the year list for you all but if you disagree with my rankings please let me know. Remember, the beautiful thing about movies is that even though I may feel a certain way, you might feel very differently, and we are all right. In the end, it is only the viewers enjoyment that matters.

Cinderella couldn't quite dance into the top 5
Cinderella couldn’t quite dance into the top 5
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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