Continuing with this previous article, here are other great short films from great filmmakers!

1. What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing In a Place Like This? By Martin Scorsese

A story about obsession, insomnia and writer’s block. This student short by  Scorsese  almost seems like a test run for the style we’d later see in Goodfellas and Casino Incessant and funny narration, quick camera-moves, rapid-fire editing. All with a touch of the surreal that I’d love Scorsese to go back to some time. Perhaps the closest he’s created in equal is After Hours or even Shutter Island but even that has a very different style to this short.


2. Brink by Shawn Christensen

Mysterious and very powerful, the less said about the short the better. An apocalyptic poem that’s so easy to get lost in.

3. The Psychology of Dream Analysis by Rian Johnson

Although its low-budget origins are more than evident, this short is exemplary in its usage of available resources to create  funny, imaginative visuals that match the crazy and fun story about a woman who realizes that she’s only been dreaming another person’s dreams.

4. Things I Like, Things I Don’t Like by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

A very simple but sweet short that you’ll surely love if you already love Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s humor. It feels Jeunet was planting the seeds here for Amélie, which he would make many years later.


5. The Critic – Mel Brooks

If you never thought a guy talking during a movie could be funny, here’s this short to prove you wrong. Although probably funnier at a time as it was a parody of the abstract shorts that would be shown before arthouse movies, fifty-three years later, it still tickles the funny bone. Mel Brooks not only writes it (or improvises it)  perfectly, but also gives a hell of a voice acting performance. This short won a well-deserved Academy Award for Best  Animated Short Film.


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