Short films have always been a good calling card for directors. Most if not all of the world’s filmmakers have made one or more shorts, whether it’s for fun, for school or to exercise their skills before moving on to greater things. This list includes some of the greatest examples from around the world.


The Letter by Michel Gondry

Remember that feeling when you were twelve years old and had a crush on a girl? This short is all about that. Throw in Gondry’s trademark crazy in-camera and imagery effects, and you have a sincere, funny and heartfelt short that feels like not just a snapshot from Gondry’s memory, but from anyone who’s ever been a teenager.





How they Get There by Spike Jonze

how they get there

A brisk, darkly hilarious movie that shows that almost plays out like an anxiety dream about hitting on someone. And if you were ever curious about how do sneakers end up hanging from power cables, this is the film for you.

You can find How They Get There as part of The Work of Director Spike Jonze DVD.


The Big Shave by Martin Scorsese

Meant as a metaphor for the Vietnam War, this short by Martin Scorsese may not have the full technical prowess we’d see in his later works, but the imagery is simple and powerful, showing signs of what was to come from one of cinema’s masters.


Curfew by Shawn Christensen

curfew 2

A 20-minute ride that follows suicidal drug addict Richie taking care of his niece during a night out in New York City. Beautifully shot, emotional and surprisingly funny at times, this short won a well-deserved Academy Award in 2015.

You can find it as part of the Oscar Nominated Short Films 2013 digital collection right here.

Geometría by Guillermo del Toro


What happens when you’re about to fail Math? Ask the Devil for help, of course. Del Toro’s short film is hilarious, with a touch of old school horror, complete with dubbed voices.

You can find it as part of the  Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray for Cronos .

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