Michael Moore Reveals Surprise New Movie

All things considered, filmmaker Michael Moore has kept pretty quiet this political season. Yeah, he wrote several topical posts on his blog, but this is Michael Moore. The man who made Fahrenheit 9/11 and singlehandedly (almost) took down George W. Bush’s second term run for the White House. Surely now, in the most heated political season of our lifetimes, and possibly ever, he’d have something to contribute to the conversation? Sure enough, it appears Moore has, indeed, made his Fahrenheit 9/11 for 2016. He just kept it a secret — until now.

As Moore announced on Twitter (via The Guardian), Michael Moore in Trumpland is the latest from the controversial filmmaker, and it’s soon set to make its big premiere. Like, try tonight. Well, if you’re in New York City, that is. It’s playing in the IFC Center at 9:30 PM and tickets are free — if you come first. The box office opens at 8:30 PM. The documentary will then be officially released tomorrow, October 19, on iTunes. It’ll also have a one-week run in New York and LA.

According to its official description, Michael Moore in Trumpland is the film “Ohio republicans tried to shut down.” It follows Moore’s recent one-man show, where he “dives in the heart of TrumpLand in the weeks before the election.” It is a trim 73 minutes long, and it sounds fairly similar to Slacker Uprising, the online-exclusive documentary Moore released back in 2007.


Although the details were left vague, Moore stirred the pot leading up to the film’s release, as noted by Slashfilm on Sunday. The documentary, therefore, wasn’t necessarily a complete shock, but it’s still surprising, particularly given how little fanfare was involved. Nevertheless, while Michael Moore in Trumpland isn’t likely to change any voters’ opinions — especially this late in the game — Moore’s humorous, often pointed commentary should be a welcomed relief amongst all the chaos during this hectic election year. It serves as Moore’s follow-up to last year’s Where To Invade Next, the director’s first film since 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story.

Will Ashton
Will Ashton
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