Michael Bay Gets Political In ’13 Hours’ Red Band Trailer

The new Benghazi drama 13 Hours marks somewhat of a departure for director Michael Bay, who is tackling a hot political issue in lieu of giant robots. A new red band trailer has been released for the upcoming thriller, though I’m not certain what makes this trailer R-rated.

Nevertheless, here is the 13 Hours trailer:

First off, this still has the look and feel of a testosterone-fueled Michael Bay action film, only with more of a purpose behind it. It’s nice to see John Krasinski shed the rom-com shell for something weighty. The writing feels a bit curious, however, especially when one character says “welcome to Club Med.” Is Club Med still a thing? Who says that anymore?

13 Hours is based on the non-fiction novel by Mitchell Zuckoff, which tells the story of six security members who fought to protect Americans in the embassy in Benghazi. Starring alongside Krasinski are James Badge Dale, Max Martini, and fellow Office alum David Denman.

I’m curious to see if Michael Bay can avoid political angles with 13 Hours, or if it will even matter in the end as Bay will undoubtedly steer the film towards explosions and heavy gunfire. We’ll see when the film gets a wide release January 15, 2016.

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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