Spider-Man / Tom Holland: Should we continue to Trust Marvel?

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Yes, that means you because Marvel has made that announcement that we have all been waiting for .. we now know who will be the next Spider-Man! As I type this I can literally feel some of you turning to the nearest person and asking “Umm .. Isn’t Emma Stone’s boy toy the guy who plays Spider-Man?” Well, let me be the first to tell you that Marvel announced that 19-year-old actor Tom Holland has been picked to take over the Spider-Man role…. is n’t this just the greatest news ever??.  I can sense thousands of you on the internet quickly stopping in your tracks and loudly stating “who in the world is Tom Holland?” If you were to go on Twitter and type in the hashtag Tom Holland you will find quite a few Spider-Man super fans who are feeling the same as you are but before we go burning our I heart Spider Man t-shirts we need to examine a simple fact that Marvel is very deliberate in how they go about crafting their films. If you need proof look no further than how Marvel choose it’s director for Guardians of the Galaxy.

According to an interview James Gunn did for Variety in July of 2014, James did not initially meet with Marvel about doing Guardians in fact he was there to pitch them on another project all together. While at the meeting they did touch on one of Marvel’s upcoming projects which was Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel showed him a couple of story art panels  that Marvel had but that was about all. That night he went developed a 15 page pitch to give to the people at Marvel complete with storyboards and he sent that along to Marvel. A few days later he was on board. According to Boxofficemojo.com , Guardians of the Galaxy grossed 333 million dollars domestically.

The point I’m trying is that Marvel is about as careful of company as I have ever seen when it comes to protecting its product. It’s that careful decision-making that has led to Marvel movies grossing over 3 billion dollars domestically to date (that’s not to shabby). Marvel has a specific vision in mind and when they find the actors or the director to help convey that vision they sign them up real quick . All though Tom Holland may not be the Spider-Man that we wanted  he is the one Marvel envisioned to help play a key role in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
Dewey Singleton - Film Critic
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