Mark Hamill Returns as “The Joker” In “The Killing Joke” Animated Film

During San Diego Comic Con 2016, Warner Bros. Animation announced that they will be tackling Alan Moore’s much lauded graphic novel “The Killing Joke” . Speculation ran rampant as to who would voice “The Joker” with Mark Hamill, the man who has voiced the character since the original Batman animated series was a fan favorite.

The actor expressed interest in returning to the role shortly after the announcement and now Collider reports that the actor will indeed be back to reprise the role and has, in fact, recorded his voice acting already! This is great news for Batman fans as Hamill has been the definitive voice for the character in animation and is a sure fit for The Joker’s most loved tale. Mark Hamill has voiced ‘The Joker’ in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker and more recently in all three of the main Arkham video games.

Batman: The Killing Joke will be released direct to video and digitally next year. Stay tuned on MFR for updates on the project.images (1)

Majeed Sayibu
Majeed Sayibu
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